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Yohann Zveig has a very rich experience spanning over 20 years, scoring original films music for cinema, television and media.

He began his career playing and singing on stage, and composing music for several singers. However, his upmost passion was composing music for films and more generally music to picture.

He founded his very first French company, BOBURST Productions, in 2004 in Paris, France. Since then he has composed original music for many films, TV shows, sporting events, commercials and famous international events, working with brands such as FIFA, UEFA, DFB, Moët & Chandon, TF1, M6, France Televisions, FFF, Volkswagen, Lancôme and many more.

The US music industry has always appealed to him. In 2016, he created his American production company, NJNL, in Los Angeles, CA.

He has collaborated with many major US institutions, such as Disney, Lionsgate, Universal Pictures, Visual Music, Position Music, RedCola, Warner Chappell, Glory Oath+Blood, Grooveworx, Dos Brains, amongst others.

“I am convinced that some films would never have had the success they received from the public without the music they had… Music is able to seek other emotions from people. Many theme songs are so recognizable and engraved that they will remain forever in people’s minds and hearts. I think this is the true talent of a composer”, he admits.


Cordula Münchmeyer's words:
To translate emotion into music, to condense great moments into a powerful sound that reaches straight our hearts and give a container to our souls – that is the kind of arts that Yohann Zveig masters perfectly. 2010 was the beginning of our collaboration which since never stopped. Yohann had been assigned by UEFA – at the side of our Director and Performance Designer Enno-Ilka Uhde and Industrial Theater – to compose the music of the opening ceremony of the first UEFA Europa League Final in Hamburg. The creation of the new anthem of the German Football Federation was another exciting project of our collaboration. It’s always a powerful moment when his music resounds in the German football stadiums or on TV. (Cordula Münchmeyer - Industrial Theater Productions )
Andy Godden's words:
It was a great pleasure to work with Yohann on the Sonic Branding for the newly launched UEFA Europa League brand identity that ingredient™ created. Yohann brought together an impressive team and delivered an outstanding piece of work. From the live recording of a full orchestra to hours spent mixing the finished composition, Yohann was fastidious, creative and above all a pleasure to work with. (Founder & Creative Director of ingredient™ - an independent creative branding agency based in Soho, London)
Enno-Ilka Uhde's words:
"In music, a note is a graphical sign, a symbol to notate a sound in a written form. There are eight notes that refer to the well-known letters of our alphabet. To deal with them in a way that they make the human soul blooming requires true mastery. Yohann Zveig is a master in his field.“ (Director and Performance Designer at Industrial Theater)
Dan O'Toole's words:
I worked on a variety of music projects with Yohann, whilst responsible for UEFA’s corporate and competition brands. Yohann composed and produced the theme for the newly launched EUROPA League. Sonic branding was a powerful and important part of the brand strategy for promoting UEFA’s competitions. Yohann, put together a top team of professional musicians, sound engineers and oversaw the whole production. There were many demands on the music for the EUROPA League, such as accommodating the various sizes of stadia and their sound quality - when the anthem was played during match nights across Europe. Many distinct music edits were required which would work for both live event, online and broadcast platforms. Yohann and his team delivered all of these and helped make the competition the success which continues to this day. ( Founder, Executive Producer and Brand ConsultantFounder, Executive Producer and Brand Consultant Olive Grove Brand Empowerment)
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